I saw documentary on Santosh from Powedrift. Wow! he is damn inspiring, I had goosebumps all the way! The ending of the documentary had him do the drift and his parents looking apon him, that was the moment for me! He is truly a legend of Indian Motocross!

Chandan Kr

Must to be visited :) all moto riders interested in off-road motocross experience.

Ajith Nair

Excellent place setup by passionate people who know what they are doing, don’t see a commercial aspect yet so it’s a great place to learn off road on trails so you become a better rider on road! Cheers Sunil

Sunil Kumar

In my opinion, the best choice to spend a weekend for motocross enthusiasts. The trainers give helpful tips based on your riding experience which is great because anyone (who's tall enough for the bike) can learn to ride in the dirt. Occasionally CS Santosh himself shows up, which is amazing for any off-road enthusiast.

Sudhish Raghupatruni

Had a great time. being a beginner and being solo.. wasn't really sure what to expect.. but turned out better than how I hoped it would be. Thanks to instructor Mr Nilesh. Added bonus: Honour of meeting the legendary C.S Santhosh and seeing him rip the track :D

Tosin C

An unbelievable day, i got my first taste of off road riding and i am must say, i am high. This was one of the most wonderful experience i have encountered. I must thank Santosh and Josh for being such good hosts and being there every step of the way is commendable. I would recommend all motorcycle enthusiasts to take the plunge and also spread the word around. Motorsports needs more exposure and hats off to BigRock for such a wonderful gift to Bangalore.

Muralidharan Ramaswamy